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Engaging citizens with Space

Space is all around us and also in our daily lives. Space sciences help us get where we want, and help us protect our planet. It also gave us new technologies we use every day: from Velcro to ocular implants. spaceEU believes citizens from all backgrounds should be part of shaping the future of the Space Community.

Discover more about the spaceEU Engagement Programme.


Bringing more Space to the classroom

Space is a powerful tool in the classroom, providing educators with a wealth of materials and inspiration. spaceEU implements continuous professional development for educators to help them bring more space to the classroom in an inclusive way.


Advocating for Space education

spaceEU advocates for the role of education and outreach in the space community, working closely with policy mak­ers. The project lobbies textbook publishers for the uptake of space content and provides researchers with the tools to make informed decisions in future space education research.

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