spaceEU engages teachers and teacher training institutes to promote the uptake of space content in primary and secondary science education.

The project invites educators to co-create and take part in training programmes focusing on space education, space content, and promotion of space-related career paths, including yearly summer schools. spaceEU will foster collaborations with teacher training institutes to advocate for the use of space as a medium to promote and increase the interest in both STEM education and careers, with each implementation partner organising local training for primary and secondary teachers. Further, spaceEU partner EUN will develop a new Massive Online Open Course to empower teachers from all levels of education as well as leaders of extracurricular activities and parents to teach space-related topics with a focus on climate change.


spaceEU teacher trainings demonstrate the potential interdisciplinary nature of space-related activities and how to integrate those activities successfully into the classroom and curriculum, in both formal and informal settings.


"Our Fragile Planet", spaceEU Massive Open Online Course empower teachers from all levels of education as well as leaders of extracurricular activities and parents to teach space-related topics with the focus on climate change. Launched in February 2020, all materials continue to be made available online


Summer School

spaceEU yearly summer school invites teachers to come together and explore new ways to integrate space in their classrooms. In a cooperative and innovative environment, they consider new approaches to space education. Join us in Greece to meet peers, share experiences and learn how to bring more space to your classroom.

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