Space offer limitless opportunities for youth’s future careers, but nobody gets there alone. These online resources can help parents and families, including those of diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, promote dialogue and learning, inspiring the future generation of space professionals.

Engage with Space Toolkit

The Engage with Space Toolkit is a ready-to-use digital collection of space centred activities with a specific focus on girls and underserved communities. The Toolkit is comprised by the Step into Space Exhibition and a set of Educational and Outreach activities. These activities encourage and help schools, youth centers, museums, universities, NGOs and informal learning spaces to bring together students, families, space professionals, their communities and more to engage them with the wonders of space.


Step into Space Exhibition

Step into Space is an exciting exhibition developed by Ars Electronica that brings together space sciences and art to inspire youths and their families. The exhibition consists of three flexible modules which allow building a regional connection and engagement. The exhibition looks into how space exploration has been an intrinsic part of our lives, contributing to new technologies we use here on Earth, assists us in thinking about how to protect our planet, and inspiring us to think outside the box and to cooperate.


Step into Space Print@Home Exhibition

With this version of the Step into Space exhibition, the space exploration journey comes to your home. By following simple instructions and with easy-to-find materials you can become an exhibition designer and explore the fascination of space at the same time.


Lets Talk About Black Holes

A blog post from the Chandra X-ray Observatory about "How would you explain a supermassive black hole to kids?"

Chandra X-Ray Center

Step into Space Online Exhibition

Experience the Step into Space exhibition with a series of space missions that will guide you through an online adventure. This version is perfectly suited for teachers to introduce how space exploration has been an intrinsic part of our lives in their classrooms.


Fizzy Balloons

When you add water to effervescent (fizzy) tablets or baking powder, bubbles are formed: a gas is produced. You can use this gas to inflate a balloon without blowing it up yourself. What kind of gas is it? Let us collect this gas and analyse it through experiments.

Space Awareness Project

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