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Learn Programming Skils with Hedy spaceEU


To celebrate EU Code Week, spaceEU partnered with Hedy code to teach programming skills to children using space. Courses are available in English, Dutch and Spanish.

By using gradual programming in the web browser, children could learn programming skills while at the same time dream of becoming an astronaut.  Through its 6 levels, students will be able to practice basic coding skills. The course is available in English, Dutch and Spanish and can be accessed here.

Hedy is a nonprofit organisation started by assistant professor Felienne Hermans ofLeiden University. She named her nonprofit after the amazingly talented Hollywood actress and more importantly, inventor Hedy Lamarr! Recently this actress earned recognition for her technological contributions - she and her friend, George Antheil, received a patent for radio-frequency technology that is now valued over 250 billion euros.

For inquiries contact:

Feienne Hermanns
Leiden University

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