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News and events from spaceEU

We are live!! Welcome to spaceEU website, where you can find the most exciting news, resources and all things space related.

Today we launch spaceEU website: not only a site for project updates and information – although you will find this here as well, but a gateway to resources, projects, news, fun facts, and more – all space - all the time. The website is centred on inclusiveness and youthfulness, and should be explored as an adventure in which the goal is not the destination, but the voyage.  


In the upcoming months, the spaceEU project implements its activities in 10 countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.


We will deliver and exciting engagement programme with a new exhibition curated by Ars Electronica in Linz, educational activities in and out of the classroom, and stakeholder engagement events, such as unconferences, citizen debates, etc. We will also work with educators through trainings and online resources to promote the update of space content by primary and secondary teachers. We will work with textbook publishers and policy makers, to assure more space outreach and education is present in the formal education and in the policies of the European Unions and its member States. And while all of these activities are taking place, we will be evaluating our own progress and achievements, aiming to share these finding with other practitioners and researchers.


 Keep coming back. Join us on bout our events, and our exploration on the wonders of space.

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