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Sarah first created NoodleFeet or Noodle as an illustrated robot, which explored the comic Universe she wrote and drew. She refers to Noodle as her child. One day Sarah wanted to bring him to the three-dimensional world and started to build his robotic body with 3D printed parts, light metals, and found objects. Noddle came to life one step after another.

Today, NoodleFeet is the functioning robotic. He can sense his environment with different mechanical and electronic Elements.  That is also the reason why Noodle got exchangeable legs. One leg has toes to grip onto the ground, another one allows him to collect things and tweet an image of it. He also has leg with a tongue to lick, taste and salivate. The prints in the spaceEU exhibition ‘Step into Space’ show the illustrated legs and explain how they function.


About Sarah:

Sarah Petkus is now a cyber artist and illustrator who creates mechanical and electronic devices, robotic entities, and wearable body augmentation which challenge the way humans relate to technology. Sarah documents the process and progress of her projects on her web channel, GravityRoad.

@spetku on Twitter

Image Credits: Sarah Petkus (US)

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