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Our Fragile Planet

spaceEU MOOC, Our Fragile Planet spaceEU MOOC is now life!

About the MOOC

The idea of the “Our Fragile Planet” online course is to empower teachers to teach space- and astronomy-related topics to their students. In this course, participants will learn and practice with engaging educational activities about topics such as the weather, climate and the Earth. Teachers will learn how to strengthen social responsibility in relation to climate change as well as how to raise awareness about different space careers. Furthermore, the course will address questions of diversity and gender balance related to space sciences. The course capitalises on pedagogical pillars such as inquiry-based science education, ICT tools, managing diversity in the classroom, maintaining gender balance in the classroom and thematic space careers. We will use a variety of online tools and social media to communicate with each other and engage in some peer-review activities as part of the course.


Course information
  • Start date: 24 February 2020 

  • Duration: 5.5 weeks 

  • Number of modules: 5 including final course activity

  • Registration: Here

Target audience

Teachers from all levels of education can participate, focusing especially on those who are interested in astronomy but never had the opportunity to learn more about it. This course is also great for those teachers who have only limited background information about space sciences and do not feel comfortable when communicating basic information about the Earth to their students.


Learning objectives
  • Present and communicate basic information about the Earth, its properties and uniqueness as well as its fragility 

  • Strengthen social responsibility in relation to climate change and its monitoring 

  • Tackle misconceptions about the connection of space sciences and astronomy with subjects of chemistry, biology, geography and Earth studies 

  • Introduce space-related activities and conduct them at school 

  • Raise awareness about and introduce students to a range of space careers 

  • Manage diversity and maintain gender balance in the classroom and in thematic space careers

Couldn't join the MOOC, not a problem: you can still join the MOOC after it ends (with no certification!)

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