Space play a crucial role in the future of Europe. These selected policy briefs, documents and materials provide information, data and advice on the role of space science in society and the role of education and outreach in the future of the European Space Community.

Engage with Space Toolkit

The Engage with Space Toolkit is a ready-to-use digital collection of space centred activities with a specific focus on girls and underserved communities. The Toolkit is comprised by the Step into Space Exhibition and a set of Educational and Outreach activities. These activities encourage and help schools, youth centers, museums, universities, NGOs and informal learning spaces to bring together students, families, space professionals, their communities and more to engage them with the wonders of space.


space4youth Open Call Guidelines

This activity will introduce how to make an open call for youth with focus on underprivileged youth and girls. The toolkit presents how to run an open call for a space4youth activity, but it is only a suggestion. You can do the open call for any other suitable event you may have in your programme. Youth can become part of your exhibition, they can make their own unconference, a conference, a workshop, a tour, etc.


Space in the Classroom Guidelines

Space in the Classroom is a series of workshops or open talks in schools carried out by artists, researchers and industry specialists working in the space sector. The workshops and talks introduce space science and careers through direct contact with role models and disseminate European space field and daily-life applications of space technology.


Space Café Guidelines

Space Café is a variation of a Science Café, a short, engaging, enlightening and informal talk in which one or two experts present a current research, innovation, policy or space related design topic followed by informal discussion with a small audience in a relaxed atmosphere over a drink (coffee, tea, refreshments).


space4youth Guidelines

This peer-to-peer event format introduces space topics to a young community. In a co-design session participants learn how to teach, gain confidence in presenting and start sharing their own knowledge and skills with their peers. Further, they will implement their own ideas as an event. The event can be a talk, a skill sharing session, a tour through an exhibition, a workshop, a TedX style youth conference etc. The peer to peer aspect here is most important.


Citizen Space Debate Guidelines

The Citizen Space Debate is an informal gathering of citizens, space stakeholders, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and general public to know people’s opinion on space-related issues in order to provide space institutions / government guidelines.


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