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Space in Your Living Room Contests’ winners

In the Summer of 2020, Space in Your Living Room! brought astronauts, artists, space scientists and engineers, into living rooms across Europe and beyond. It was a series of fun activities, exciting challenges with amazing prizes, and live events for young people, families and educators.

As part of the Space in Your Living Room!, we invited young people up to the age of 18 to participate in our different contests for a chance to win fun prizes and share their creativity with the world. Now we are very happy to announce the winners and share their amazing contributions to the programme.

Ask an Astronaut

Young people from around the world submitted a question to astronauts Muhammed Ahmed Fares, Dirk Frimout, and Claudie Haigneré. They had the chance to meet the space explorers and ask them their questions live during the Space in Your Living Room! - Arts and Space Collide events. The winner also received a signed telescope, courtesy of SSVI. And the winner is…

Mostafa from Victoria, Australia

Mostafa (13) is a student at Goulburn Valley Grammar School and he had a great and culturally specific question for Syrian astronaut Muhammed Ahmed Fares: “How can Muslim astronauts determine the qibla from space and know the correct direction to which they should pray?”. Congratulations, Mostafa and thank you for the amazing question. And in case you didn’t know, the qibla is the direction towards the Kaaba in the Sacred Mosque in Mecca, which is used by Muslims in various religious contexts, particularly the direction of prayer.

Adventure Game 

The winners of the Adventure Game Contest created interactive stories full of action, science and multicultural experiences. Their interactive stories allow readers to choose different paths for the main characters creating different outcomes. The stories were created during the Adventure Game workshop given by astronomer and author Dora Klindžić.

Winner in best Best Interactive category 

Nebula's Journey by Stefan

from Lere, France


Join Nebula in a journey from the planet Spofis in the Andromeda galaxy to our blue home - with a stop on Mars! Make new friends, share their stories and explore the mysteries of new (alien) civilizations. Stefan is 11 years old (almost 12), and a student at College Notre Dame in Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire, France.


You can also read Stefan’s story here.

Winner in the Best Action category

Believe in Your Galaxy by Nushrat

from Khulna, Bangladesh


Young astronaut Nushrat is on a dangerous mission to rescue an experienced colleague in the far reaches of Sagittarius. But experienced astronaut Delowar is no ordinary astronaut, he is Nushrat's father! Adventure awaits you in this action-packed story. Nushrat is 17 years old. She attends Khulna Govt. Girls' College in Khulna, Bangladesh.

You can also read Nushrat’s story here.

Winner in the Best Science category

Moon and Martians by Jessica

from Consett, UK


You and your two friends have been assigned to two missions: the first one to the Moon and, if you've proven yourself, then you get to go to Mars! The best part is, you're the commander! After several flights to the ISS, you've had plenty of experience. Now it’s up to you, the mission in your hands! Jessica is 13 years old and a student at St Bedes Roman Catholic School in Lanchester, UK.

You can also read Jessica's story here.

Space Story

Bringing to life vivid characters, plots, and settings, the entries to the Space Story contest did not let disappoint. The young authors (8 to 12 years old) who participated in the Space Story workshop astronomer and author Dora Klindžić created great science fiction tales. 


The winner of the Space Story contest is The Bell of Tepra by Cristian. He is 11 years old and from Sibiu, Romania. In his story The Bell of Tepra, good and evil battle for the precious Bell of Tepra. Find out who wins in this classic hero’s tale.

You can also download Christian's story here.

Design your Alien! 

IIf there was life on Saturn, Mars or Jupiter, what would it look like? How could the alien survive or thrive in any of the extreme weathers? The Design your Alien contest invited children between the ages of 8 and 12 to design their own alien while keeping the natural conditions of the planets in our solar system in mind. Winners received books and signed telescopes courtesy of SSVI.


Say congratulations to Thomas and Nikol!

Milky the alien by Thomas

Milky the alien by Thomas

Thomas is 8 years old and he attends the Verbazisschool WOW school in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Alien by Nikol

Alien by Nikol

Nikol is a student at Profiled high school of natural sciences and mathematics Geo Milev in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

You can also try this fun activity!

Special Mention

Special mention goes to Shifa for her participation during the Constellation Crafting workshop. The workshop introduced the science and folklore behind the constellations in the night sky, with Science Gallery Dublin's Brendan Owens and Grace D'Arcy. Shifa crafted her very own constellation using light and dark and a simple carton box. 

Shifa is 14 years old and a student at Adarsha Higher Secondary School in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

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