Blue Moon Special

Space by youth for youth (and the rest of the world).

Node: Ars Electronica

Key topics:

  • Peer to peer event;

  • Space as inspiration;

  • Become a space scientist through researching for your art projects.

Date: 8 September, 2019


Ars Electronica Festival

create your world,




Artists: Jaqueline Eder, Selina Maurovich, Kilian Mayer and Stephanie Stigler.

At space4youth the u19-create your world Exhibition artists Jaqueline Eder, Selina Maurovich, Kilian Mayer and Stephanie Stigler will present their film Blue Moon. They will tell us how they themselves became space scientists, so that they were able to realize their film set in space.

Link to workshop:

For inquiries contact:

Laura Welzenbach
Ars Electronica

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