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Thursdays’ Science and Art

ONLINE creative workshops

16 July 

30 August

Thursdays’ Science and Art: creative and engaging workshops taking place this summer in your living room!

Space in Your Living Room! gives a unique perspective on our Planet Earth and provides an opportunity for children to interact with space professionals of different backgrounds. It also celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of historic and contemporary women and minorities in space exploration.

Adventure Game Workshop

Have you ever wanted to create your own computer game, or read a book where you can influence what the main character does and where they end up? Adventure Game is a three-session hands-on workshop on interactive fiction for teens 13 to 18 years old. During the workshop, participants will create their own interactive story which adapts to its readers and provides them with unique stories and endings on each reading. They will learn how to develop a non-linear narrative and how to code it in the open source interactive fiction language ChoiceScript. Previous coding experience is not necessary. The workshop takes place every Thursday at 14:00 CET starting 16 July 2020. The workshop will be in English.


Space Story Workshop

Taking place on 6 August 2020 from 14:00 - 15:00 CET, Space Story invites children 8 to 12 years old to an exploration of storytelling. Space Story will introduce the basics of storytelling: characters, plot, setting, and will also share examples of cross-cultural storytelling in science fiction. During the workshop, the young authors will write a space exploration adventure story from the perspective of their own culture and imagine worlds beyond their own. The workshop will be in English.


Constellation Crafting

The playful and crafty workshop will introduce the science and folklore behind the constellations in the night sky, with Science Gallery Dublin's Brendan Owens and Grace D'Arcy. You’ll be guided through creating your own constellation using light and dark and develop your own folklore around it. You have two changes to join the workshop: on 20 or 29 August 2020.


What you’ll need:

  • A cardboard cereal box, just remember to empty the cereal first!

  • Sellotape

  • Scissors

  • A light source (a phone torch or a bike light should do)

  • A Pencil

  • Markers/Colored pencils

About the hosts

Dora Klindžić

Dora Klindžić is a 25 year old physicist from Croatia, who is conducting research on all things space-related, including tracking orbiters around Mars and building an instrument to send to the Moon. She is currently getting her PhD in the Netherlands between Delft and Leiden Universities. In her spare time, she is also a writer of science fiction stories, as well as scripts for video games and comics. She likes to explore the idea of how different cultures would co-exist in space exploration, and has a special interest in writing about robots and artificial intelligence. Dora is an advocate for more arts in science, as she believes that not only should each scientist have an artistic skill, but also be passionate about many other hobbies outside of their work. Her hobbies include traveling, playing video games, exercise, reading books, and activism for a better and fairer society for all.

Brendan Owens

Brendan is the Open Science Coordinator for Science Gallery Dublin in  Ireland. His background is in astronomy communication having worked at  the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London for almost a decade. His  previous projects have ranged from designing schools workshops, to  community collaborations, curating exhibitions and overseeing the  installation of a new telescope facility. He holds a B.Sc. in  Physics  and Astronomy and M.Sc. in Science Communication, both from Dublin  City University and remains closely tied to astronomy and  astrophysics  as Astronomer Emeritus for the Royal Observatory. He is passionate  about technology, stargazing and exploring where other people's  passions and needs intersect with science and art.

Grace D'Arcy

Grace joined Science Gallery Dublin as a mediator on the exhibition floor, she now works in the Research and Learning team as the Co-creation Coordinator.  Grace manages and delivers the SISCODE project, using design thinking to co-create content with our audience. She also works on the INTEGRITY project, developing tools to stimulate critical awareness around ethical issues in research. When she’s not in the Gallery she’s swimming in the sea or planning a camping trip.

For inquiries contact:

Mahbobah Ahmadi

Space in Your Living Room! Coordinator

+31 685 42 19 44


Suzana Filipecki Martins

SpaceEU Project Manager

+31 644 07 01 53

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